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What to Expect

What time will I need to arrive on charter day?
Captain Chuck will advise you on the best times for departure depending upon what you are fishing for and recent reports from the area. This is your trip, and many times we can modify departure times to suit your schedule.

How long will the boat ride be to where we fish?
Depending on the species we are targeting, the boat ride can be anywhere from 30 minutes (inshore trip) up to 3 hours (offshore trip). Captain Chuck will advise you on the projected trip to arrive at the targeted fishing grounds.

Who will provide the ice to keep the fish cool?
While on the charter, Caption Chuck will take responsibility for keeping the catch on ice. Ice is available at the dock to package your catch.

How involved will I be in catching the fish?
We try to make this a hands-on experience. You can be as involved in catching the fish as you would like to be as long as within the guidelines of safe practices.

What if I get seasick?
We recommend that anyone uncertain about his or her sea-legs take medication prior to departure. We will return early at the customerís request, but you will be responsible for the full cost of the charter.

When will you decide about weather conditions and if it is safe to get underway?
Captain Chuck researches the weather forecast regularly and gets information from other boats already on the water to determine if it is safe to get underway. If the weather is questionable, the Captain will discuss the weather with you prior to leaving the dock. It is ultimately the Captainís decision, but if the charter decides to give it a try and we turn back before reaching our destination, the cost of the trip will be adjusted accordingly. If we reach our destination and the charter makes the decision to go back, you will be responsible for the full cost of the trip.

What do I do with my catch?
You have several options. We can stop at the local fish-cleaning station; you can clean your own fish at our cleaning station at the dock; and depending on schedule, you may be able to make arrangements with the captain to clean them for you for a small fee.

Can you guarantee that Iíll catch fish?
While we make every effort to make your fishing charter successful, Mother Nature is still in charge and some days she just does not cooperate.

Iíve never caught a large fish before. Will you teach me what to do?
The Captain takes great enjoyment in teaching other people how to fish and is very passionate with his instructions. No previous experience is necessary Ė weíll work with you according to your knowledge and skill level.

What if I get injured?
The Captain is certified in CPR and basic first aid. We have radio equipment to contact emergency personnel if a serious medical situation should arise.